Gaming Innovation Group launches Enterprise Solution

Updated:2024-03-30 07:47    Views:117

The Enterprise Solution works with adjacent GiG technology to enable clients to manage all aspects of a locally deployed platform.

This operational autonomy will include the ability to modify, enhance or supplement GiG’s existing application.

GiG will offer this solution exclusively to clients who have the ability to manage their own technology stack.

The new solution will also support the existing Software as a Service (SaaS) licencing model.

Richard Brown, GiG CEO, said: “We have long held the view that for some operators, who have the technical ability and experience, a model that would open up our platform and technology to them would create further collaborative improvement of the product; and ultimately enhance the customer experience.

“We have seen increasing demand for operators to gain that flexibility,Casino games and with a recent development of our next-generation platform, which has been developed with this structure in mind, we are able to offer this service in a controlled, supported and sustainable manner.

“Ultimately our new GiG Enterprise product provides a solution that many operators crave for and we do not think is being offered fully by the industry as of today.”

The Enterprise Solution will launch with one licence agreement already signed.

The agreement will include both an initial fee for the licence and ongoing payments for the duration of the deal.

This announcement comes just a few weeks after GiG announced it would enter the Irish market.